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For as long as he can remember, Brayden Paul felt the music inside him. As a child, he could hardly wait for piano lessons. Then singing lessons. Then drums and guitar, all while building a thick catalogue of his musical ideas. On this solid bedrock he now is writing and recording original songs, delivered in a sweet, clear voice that almost instantly is addictive. At the age of 24, Brayden is ready to make his musical mark. Now busy recording and producing, he is proud of his songs and wants people to hear them. His style is indie/pop, his subject matter as broad as the prairie sky. There is nothing he won't sing about. His extraordinary voice comes from a well of depth unexpected, in a new recording artist. Brayden grew up in Calgary, Alberta, in sight of the Rocky Mountains, where he still loves to ski at every opportunity. He then travelled the world before moving, for love, to the middle of the Canadian prairies. Now residing with his wife, Josée, in Warman, Saskatchewan. He studied there as a barber/stylist and now works as a professional barber in Saskatoon. Brayden was instantly at home on the prairies. The wide-open spaces and wide-open people invites creativity. Brayden Paul is one to watch for!

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